Schloss Roseck

Schloss Roseck is a historic castle complex on the southern edge of the Schönbuch Nature Park above the Tübingen district of Unterjesingen; only 45 minutes from Stuttgart.

Schloss Roseck – unique and listed

The historic estate is marked by a long and varied past. Founded in the 12th century by the Count Palatine of Tübingen, Schloss Roseck was converted into a castle by Dukes of Württemberg in the 16th century. From 1824, the castle was in changing private ownership; owners included economists, bank directors and a soap manufacturer. The main building of the castle burnt down in 1991 and was subsequently provided with a new roof; the outbuildings were last used as a nursing home.

Revitalisation and modernisation

The historic building ensemble, which has been vacant since 2014, is being carefully renovated by COPRO Projektentwicklung in cooperation with the Stuttgart architects Sindlinger & Vogt PartG mbB. A modern utilisation concept will harmoniously combine old and new. The architectural company Sindlinger & Vogt and COPRO have worked together for many years in a spirit of trust. In 2012, the five-storey Kaiserbau on Stuttgart's Marienplatz was carefully renovated, redesigned and modernised in close cooperation with the heritage conservation authorities.

Redevelopment & utilisation concept

In exchange with the Tübingen municipality and in close cooperation with the heritage office, COPRO Group is developing a comprehensive renovation and modern utilisation concept for the property, which is in danger of decay.

Presse contact:

Frank Schmeichel
Business Network Marketing- & Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Tel.: +49 30 814 64 60 11


Listed building ensemble with a castle building, wall houses, a former nursing home and a chapel

Total gross area: approx. 3.900 sqm
Area of the total plant: approx. 32 ha
Architectural firm for revitalisation: Sindlinger & Vogt PartG mbB
Project development: COPRO Projektentwicklung GmbH
Special features: idyllic castle grounds with the Lady Chapel, surrounded by meadow orchards, a vineyard and a sparse, small forest. High above the Ammertal valley, Schloss Roseck offers a spectacular view and is a popular destination thanks to the various hiking and cycling trails in the area.




Roseck 1, Tübingen