On the 6.6 ha site in Klosterfelde, north of Wandlitz in the immediate vicinity of Berlin, a lively and open residential quarter is to be created in place of the former industrial site.

The project Klosterfelde

The future quarter in Klosterfelde is to become a place of encounter and stand out from the classic multi-family housing estate by means of a well thought-out urban design. The neighbourhood planning is based on four pillars:

1. digitalisation: to accommodate the flexible working world, reduce commuting and thus the ecological footprint, create flexible (mobility) offers and ensure a smart energy supply.

2. regionality: to promote local products, reduce dependencies and promote enjoyment.

3. healthy living: to focus on the health of residents through natural building materials, to create a better indoor climate with new types of heating and cooling, and a low-car neighbourhood for undisturbed living.

4. living in old age: to make the third stage of life active, sporty and demanding, to provide health services and to strengthen the community through new forms of living.

A neighbourhood to live in

COPRO acquired the property in Klosterfelde, north of Wandlitz, together with two private investors at the end of 2018. Along the new development axis of the Berlin/Brandenburg economic region, the potential of the 6.6 ha site was recognised early on. After productive consultations with the Wandlitz municipality, the decision to prepare the development plan was obtained at the end of 2020. The aim of the development is to transform the former Innova (commercial) site between Schorfheide and Berlin into a vibrant residential quarter.

The focus of the neighbourhood development is on housing. The planning is based on the three types of housing: terraced houses, multi-apartment buildings and multi-storey buildings with more affordable rents. Follow-up infrastructure such as a kindergarten is also part of the planning. In addition, a community centre with a therapeutic swimming pool, a market place, a neighbourhood petting zoo and green areas with free orchards are planned in the master plan.
The design of the paths and public spaces is intended to serve as meeting spaces for the community through garden paths, four village greens, green oases and multi-modal traffic routes.
The neighbourhood naturally sees itself as part of Klosterfelde and is to be openly designed.


6.6 ha development potential (north of Wandlitz)
Former Innova site
Leasing to large parcel service provider as interim use
Connection to Gesundbrunnen (RB 27), future extension of railway line
Connection to the A10/A11
Challenge: Creation of building rights
Objective: Development of a residential quarter with a variety of uses and subsequent infrastructure


Klosterfelder Hauptstrasse 37, Wandlitz