In the middle of Berlin, only a few minutes’ walk from Gendarmenmarkt, Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten park, lies an almost forgotten architectural ensemble. A sleeping beauty whose former grandeur is now being restored and given a fresh breath of life.

Modern living in a historical setting

Four Wilhelminian-style houses, built at the end of the 19th century. Featuring bay windows, stucco façades, and a richly decorated tower that crowns the architecture. They tell a story of awakening and prestigious living. This special place is set to be given a fresh breath of life.
Right in the heart of Berlin, between Brandenburg Gate and Gendarmenmarkt, this extraordinary ensemble is taking shape – uniting both past and future. The original building will be harmoniously expanded with a new extension. Original details have been preserved, reinterpreted, and adapted to modern needs. Bringing a historic jewel into the 21st century – GLINT.


Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden, Gendarmenmarkt and Friedrichstrasse – the historic centre of Berlin, Friedrichstadt, this cosmopolitan core is where Berlin first transformed into a global metropolis. Where once taxi carriages drove through streets lined with banks and embassies, now the area invites locals for a gentle stroll, to browse the international shops, and sample the urban Michelin-starred restaurants.
The spirit of Friedrichstadt’s former nobility can be sensed everywhere.


Residential units: 69
Commercial units: 6
Project architect: von Bothmer Architects

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Glinkastrasse 17-21 Ecke Taubenstrasse 51-53, Berlin-Mitte