Calle 13

The special project "Calle 13" is located far away from the COPRO locations Berlin and Stuttgart in the colonial heart of the Colombian capital Bogotá, in the district of La Candelaria.

The other end of the world

Far away from COPRO's locations in Berlin and Stuttgart, this project in the centre of Colombia is a very special one: in La Candelaria, the colonial old town district in the heart of the capital Bogotá, an innovative residential building with a green concept and commercial space is being built on a plot of land temporarily used as a car park.

The sonorous address is also the project name: Calle 13. COPRO is developing the project together with a local partner, Colombia Companions and the Colombian star architect Simon Hosie.

La Candelaria is nestled directly into the mountains on the flanks of the 3,152-metre-high Cerro de Monserrate and has managed to retain its colonial charm. As Bogotá's oldest district, La Candelaria has been a listed building since 1963. The labyrinth of narrow, steep streets with colourful houses, baroque churches, cafés, museums and restaurants invites you to explore.

Green living in the middle of the city

The design concept provides the connection of the typical open courtyards (colonial courtyard) with the lush vegetation on site. In this way, the building is to merge with the green hills surrounding Bogotá. Large panorama windows provide light-flooded rooms.

The part of the building facing the street houses a commercial unit on the ground floor, which should preferably be used for gastronomic purposes, such as an art café. The building is to extend through the gap in the building in the form of a row, creating airy open spaces with two inner courtyards and large balconies. A total of 19 residential units of approx. 70 to 130 sqm are planned.

The magnificent flora of Colombia not only appears in the inner courtyards, but also on the lush green roofs, some of which are available to the house community as a common area. The outer walls in the inner courtyard are also covered with plants, thus ensuring clean air and a pleasant climate.


1 commercial unit
19 residential units
3 storeys
Total area: approx. 1,920 sqm


Cl. 13, 2–16, La Candelaria