Wallstrasse 27

A listed office and commercial property originally built in 1913 and located close to Berlin’s government quarter, featuring an impressive entrance area and a collection of rental units suitable for a range of industries and functions. Comfortably set alongside international embassies, the historic Nikolai quarter and a number of neighbouring recent development projects, this is an inspirational combination concept that enriches the surrounding area whilst also retaining the original building’s unique architectural style.


  • Office and commercial property originally built in 1913
  • Distinctive character; listed building
  • Rental space approx. 3,056 sqm across six floors
  • Elegant entrance area with brass-decorated lift, marble floors and stucco ceilings
  • CCTV-equipped entrance area
  • Historic aura combined with contemporary, fully functional office design standards


  • Classic contemporary office design for flexible working; rooms approx. 30 sqm
  • Dividers fitted as appropriate to existing design
  • Cavity floors and flexible cabling to Cat. 5
  • New pendant lights 
  • Carpeting
  • High ceilings
  • High-quality, furnished kitchens


The property is located in Berlin’s Mitte district in what is known as the government quarter of old Berlin, near Fischerinsel. With the Spree canal and the historic harbour so close by, users of the building can enjoy a peaceful break outside throughout the year. In recent years, several new development projects have been undertaken in the surrounding area. As a result, the distinctive character of this original historic building stands out more than ever. The City West area is also easily accessible via Gertraudenstrasse.

Site location

The immediate surroundings are home to a number of hotels, including the Wall Street Plaza and the Artotel Berlin Mitte. A new residential complex has been built on the neighbouring sites. The green space developed for the inner courtyard provides a pleasant and calming view for office users. The Australian, Brazilian, Dutch and Angolan Embassies are also nearby, while the headquarters of the German employers’ association is just the other side of Leipziger Strasse. 


Infrastructure in the area is excellent. There are several restaurants and shops for day-to-day requirements close by, and there are a number of further highlights along the Spree canal and in the Nikolai quarter to enjoy in the summer months.


Office units: 6
Total floor space: approx. 3,056 sqm
User: Berliner Volksbank, RhodeCode GmbH; Vertical Media GmbH
Year: 1913


Wallstraße 27, Berlin-Mitte
SurfaceFloorSurface approx. in sqm
Officebasement365 sqmavaible
Officeground458 sqmavaible
Office1. floor505 sqmrentend
Office2. floor511 sqmrentend
Office3. floor510 sqmrentend
Office4. floor474 sqmrentend
Officeattic233 sqmrentend
Total3,056 sqm