Joining the Berlin Partner network

Berlin, 30 August 2018 – COPRO and Urbane Mitte at Gleisdreieck are now members of Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH. The Berlin Partner network is responsible for Berlin’s global marketing as a capital city and location, with a particular focus on promoting regional economic development. As part of its activities, Berlin Partner pools the expertise of numerous specialists within a network that supports local companies, investors and scientific institutions in the areas of innovation and expansion, and secures the capacity to develop viable locations. More than 290 companies and business institutions are involved in this unique public-private partnership. “We are proud that our membership within Berlin Partner will give us the opportunity to increase our involvement in Berlin’s future success and to play an active role in unfolding Berlin’s potential,” says Marc F. Kimmich, founder and CEO of COPRO AG.

Making Berlin fit for the future

Real estate developer COPRO has been working to increase Berlin’s appeal to residents, visitors, and employers in connection with its construction projects for more than 25 years. This goal also inspired the forward-thinking urban development project known as Urbane Mitte at Gleisdreieck. Situated on the area surrounding two disused former rail stations, Potsdamer Bahnhof and Anhalter Bahnhof, a new city quarter is now taking shape at Gleisdreieck. The project will harmoniously combine the fundamental aspects of modern life and work: new working methods, mobility, subsidised art and culture, sport, innovation and digitalisation. The area will first be used by creative pioneers before construction begins. Examples of this include the BRLO Brwhouse and the future coworking and innovation space B-Part – an experimental space for people who want to discover, experience and shape the living and working environments of tomorrow. “With the Urbane Mitte at Gleisdreieck development, we want to further advance Berlin’s national and international status as an innovative and competitive metropolis. We want to create a city quarter based around high standards in social responsibility, and we are delighted to be able to support local, national and international stakeholders through our membership within the Berlin Partner network,” says Nadir J. Guediri, Managing Director of COPRO Projektentwicklung GmbH.