COPRO Anniversary Publication EDITION 25

»This book is both a review of what has been and an exploration of what is yet to come. How could it be otherwise, as life, and the very nature of what we do, is always a work in progress?« – says COPRO CEO Marc F. Kimmich. The company's 25th anniversary was used to pause, look back and at the same time look to the future. The result is EDITION25, a publication that takes the reader on a journey from the beginnings of COPRO into the future.

The Edison Höfe, the first mayor project of the property developer, was the nucleus of the company's philosophy: it was there that the first artistic pioneer use was created, which continues to shape the vision of interdisciplinary cooperation, holistic thinking and the demand for something special to this day. This is particularly evident in the pronounced networking of art and architecture that has characterised every COPRO project ever since. EDITION25 proudly looks back on a selection of these. The 300-page anniversary publication was produced in collaboration with the renowned Berlin agency CeeCee Creative.

In 25 years COPRO has much experienced, learned and built. The company has developed from restoring forgotten treasures to building for the future and faces with the Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck today a completely new, very complex and extremely exciting task. All our companions, friends and employees have made COPRO what it is today. EDITION25 is therefore a special tribute to all of them.

The publication was honored with an ADC Award in June 2019.


Pictures: CeeCee Creative ©Mina Aichhorn