We bring the ESG values consisting of ecological action (Environmental), social responsibility (Social) and trustworthy corporate management (Governance) to life in our daily work. We are committed to adding a new dimension to places and projects while acting in a manner that is both economically and sustainably responsible to the society in which we are privileged to live and work.

In this way, our view of projects gains new perspectives through critical dialogue and also opens up to the interests of others. Our organizational culture is characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. Our commitment to social projects around the company locations in Berlin and Stuttgart as well as the promotion of young artists is part of the company tradition at COPRO. We want to act transparently and sustainably and continuously improve in terms of ESG values.

EnvironmentalEcological action

  • CO2-reduced building processes
  • Innovative building methods such as modular timber construction
  • Use of materials in the sense of the Cicular Economy
  • Resource-saving operation
  • Minimizing energy and water consumption
  • Regular renovations and modernizations, also in existing buildings, including integration of renewable energies
  • Waste reduction and recycling

SocialSocial responsibility

  • Rent-reduced spaces for social and cultural institutions and small businesses
  • Neither selling nor renting to ethically questionable companies or individuals
  • Requesting ethical and environmental information from potential tenants, service providers and suppliers
  • Promotion of social and cultural projects
  • Tolerant and healthy working environment

GovernanceTrustworthy management

  • Transparency towards investors and political stakeholders
  • Transparent reporting on planning and development
  • Early communication with neighbors and other project interested parties
  • Use of innovative and resource-optimizing IT platforms incl. comprehensive data protection
  • Zero tolerance for corruption, taking advantage and discrimination